Fund trading is a great way for traders to make money from the financial markets. By using the funds of the fund company, traders can trade on a larger scale and make more profits.

There are many fund companies in the market, but not all are the same. Some companies are reputable and offer good terms, while others may be unreliable or have adverse terms.

Here are some of the best Trader Fund companies available today:

1. Forex Funding company: FTMO

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FTMO the top funding organization, is generating buzz with their remarkable $100,000 account challenge. Boasting an impressive reputation, exceptional trading support, a generous 90% profit-sharing ratio, a wide selection of brokers, straightforward guidelines, and a stunning $400,000 sponsorship prize for top performers. My FTMO assessment has remained consistently glowing since 2021 and continues to impress investors globally.


2. Forex Funding company: Funded Next

At FundedNext, traders are empowered to achieve success in their careers with a focus on discipline, effective risk management, and long-term consistency. Boasting an impressive $4 million capital expansion plan, eligible traders can earn between 60% and 90% profit sharing, depending on the chosen funding program. Through forex pairs, commodities, and indices trading, seize your opportunity for financial growth today.


3. Forex Funding company: The Funded Trader


7.5% off + 125% Bonus based on challenge fee + 5% bonus from phase 1 profits (paid on first withdrawal)


15% off + 125% Bonus based on challenge fee
End Date: February 2nd


Terms: 50% off + 125% Bonus based on challenge fee
All $5k and $10k challenges only.
Start Date: 6th January
End Date: 31st January

Launched in June 2021, The Funded Trader offers traders up to $1.5 million in funding with a 90% profit split! Take their $100K single-step challenge or up to $400K two-step challenge and benefit from the industry’s highest payout of $120K in a month! With aggressive growth plans, 1:200 leverage, and allowed weekend holds, it’s no wonder they’re so reputable. Experience success with The Funded Trader today!


4. Forex Funding company: Funded Trading Plus

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Achieve trading success with Funded Trading Plus! Boost your profits through exclusive access to accounts up to $100,000 and potential expansion to $2.5 million. Choose from single or dual-stage evaluation challenges for sponsorship. Complete successfully and enjoy up to 90% profit-sharing on your earnings.


5. Forex Funding company: The 5ers

The5ers, a top-rated global prop trading firm, offers an incredible reputation, 50% profit sharing, funding up to $1.28 million, and doubling your account after each milestone. With realistic trading requirements, 180 days to pass the initial challenge and weekend trading options, The5ers is the perfect choice for swing and day traders seeking capital!


6. Forex Funding company: Blue Guardian Capital

Blue Guardian Capital traders are compelled to excel in their careers. They seek disciplined, risk-managing clients focused on long-term consistency. Boost your profits by managing accounts up to $1,800,000 and obtaining an 85% profit share. Achieve success by trading forex pairs, commodities, indices, and cryptocurrencies. Join us now for top-notch trading opportunities!


7. Forex Funding company: City Traders Imperium

CTI is a financial services company based in London, providing a range of credit products with a maximum limit of £2 million and the most flexible payment plans on the market! You can access a 50% share of the profit and a 100:1 leverage, with no time limit and no restrictions on the trading style. You only need a minimum deposit of £10 to get started! Start with a deposit of £70,000 and get a 60% bonus, and CTI will require you to trade a minimum of £2 million!


8. Forex Funding company: Surge Trader

SurgeTrader, a proprietary trading firm owned by Surge Capital Ventures, LLC, is a newly established support company founded in May 2021 by experienced forex traders, including brokers and risk-taking investors. Their main goal is to help traders leverage their profits successfully by accelerating their funding.

Based in Florida, USA, this company, despite being relatively new, is rapidly growing worldwide for several reasons. Firstly, they prioritize transparency in trading rules and simplify the capital management process, eliminating the need for complex rules. Secondly, their evaluation process is straightforward and almost endless compared to other support trading firms. Additionally, SurgeTrader stands out by offering up to $1,000,000 in capital management and a profit-sharing system that benefits traders with 75% of the profits.



Above are the best-funded trading companies available today.

Funded trading is not an easy profession, as more than 80% of traders experience losses, with only 20% being able to make money in the market.

Therefore, if you are willing to accept risks, continue to stay engaged in the market, trade cautiously with a moderate scale until you have gained enough experience to move forward.