BrightFunded Overview

Driven by the vision of transforming the proprietary trading landscape, BrightFunded has swiftly gained recognition for its innovative features. Offering access to up to $400k in trading capital and spearheading the Trade2Earn concept, BrightFunded offers a holistic platform for traders aiming to enhance their trading endeavors.

With a thriving community of over 5,000 active traders and rapid payout processing times, BrightFunded is heralding a fresh era in the trading sphere, empowering every trader with the opportunity to shine as a funded star.

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Special Features

BrightFunded introduces the Trade2Earn program, allowing participants to earn Tokens based on their trading volume. These Tokens can be utilized to unlock various perks within the platform.

Contact Information

Note: To access support from BrightFunded, you can reach out via email or engage in live chat on their website.


As BrightFunded is relatively new, having been established only a few months ago, it lacks a substantial number of reviews from traders worldwide.

Pros & Cons


  • Access to Trading Capital: Gain access to trading capital of up to $400,000, providing ample resources for investment opportunities.
  • Innovative Trade2Earn Program: Every trade made with BrightFunded earns participants Tokens, incentivizing active trading and engagement.
  • Scalable Funding: Enjoy scalable funding options with up to a 100% profit split, ensuring alignment with performance and growth.
  • Comprehensive Evaluation Phases: Designed to test and nurture trading skills, the evaluation phases offer a structured path for skill development.
  • Unique NFT Certificates: Traders who overcome challenges are rewarded with unique Non-Fungible Token (NFT) certificates, adding an element of exclusivity to achievements.
  • Supportive Community Channels: Engage in supportive community channels for enhanced learning, interaction, and networking opportunities.


  • Evaluation Process Fees: The evaluation process incurs fees, which vary based on the chosen funding amount, potentially impacting initial investment costs.
  • Mandatory Minimum Trading Days: Traders are required to meet minimum trading days, which could potentially delay progression for some individuals.
  • Learning Curve for Reward System: The reward system may require a learning curve to fully understand and utilize effectively, potentially leading to initial challenges in maximizing benefits.

Fund products

BrightFunded currently only offers one account, which has 2 rounds of challenges during the evaluation period.

For account sizes and fees, see the following table:

Note: Fees are refunded at the first profit payment.

BightFunded’s funding process

Evaluation phase

During the evaluation phase you need to pass 2 rounds of challenges with the following requirements:

Round 1

– Profit target is 8%.

– Minimum number of trading days is 5 days.

– Unlimited time.

– Daily decline limit is 5%.

– Account decline limit is 10%.

Round 2

– Profit target is 5%.

– Minimum number of trading days is 5 days.

– Unlimited time.

– Daily decline limit is 5%.

– Account decline limit is 10%.

For example:

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You join a $100,000 account.

The profit target for round 1 is $8,000 (8%) and round 2 is $5,000 (5%).

The daily decrease limit is $5,000 (5% of the initial capital), the decrease limit is determined according to the Balance at the beginning of the day.

A few cases for you to easily imagine.


At the beginning of the trading day, the account has Balance = $100,000.

$100,000 – $5,000 = $95,000.

During the day, you are not allowed to let your account drop below $95,000, otherwise it will result in a violation.


At the beginning of the trading day, the account has Balance = $101,000.

$101.00 – $5,000 = $96,000.

During the day, you are not allowed to let your account drop below $96,000.


At the beginning of the trading day, the account has Balance = $98,000.

$98,000 – $5,000 = $93,000.

During the day, you are not allowed to let your account drop below $93,000.

With the above method of calculating daily declines, you will not be at a disadvantage when holding transactions overnight.

Limit on account reduction is $10,000 (10% of initial capital).

$100,000 – $10,000 = $90,000.

At no time should you allow your account’s equity to drop below $90,000, or a violation will result.

Note: Account parameters can be easily viewed on BrightFuned’s dashboard or trading platform.

Financing phase

Once you pass the evaluation phase, you will receive a funding account.

The 2 main trading rules you need to remember are:

– Daily decline limit is 5%.

– Account decline limit is 10%.

The calculation of limit levels is similar to the evaluation phase.

You will receive 80% of the profits you generate on your funding account.

Profit withdrawal policy

You can make your first withdrawal 30 days after making the first transaction on the funding account, subsequent withdrawals after 14 days.

BrightFunded does not require a minimum amount to withdraw profits.

Method of withdrawing profits

BrightFunded pays profits to Traders through:

– Bank Transfer.

– Crypto.

Capital expansion policy

BrightFuned will expand your initial capital by 30% when your account meets the following requirements:

– Account has a minimum profit of 10% for 4 consecutive months.

– 2 out of 4 months the account is profitable and makes at least 2 profit withdrawals.

– At the time of expansion, the account breaks even or has a positive profit.

For example:

Register – Get Funded

$100,000 funding account.

1st expansion: $100,000 + $30,000 = $130,000

2nd expansion: $130,000 + $30,000 = $160,000

3rd expansion: $160,000 + $30,000 = $190,000

BrightFunded does not limit the maximum amount of expansion capital, from the 3rd expansion you will receive 100% profit.

Frequently asked questions

What is Trade2Earn?

Trade2Earn is BrightFunded’s exclusive program for high performing traders. You will be given BrightFunded Tokens and use this token to unlock perks that bring advantages such as:

1. Larger drawdown: With expanded limits, it allows you to have a large drawdown margin and ensures sustainable trading performance.

2. Low profit target: Reduce profit target at the evaluation stage.

Through the Trade2Earn program, BrightFunded aims to empower traders by rewarding consistent trading activity and providing advantages that help them enhance their trading experience and profitability potential. Trade2Earn is BightFunded’s way of saying thank you for traders’ dedication and efforts.

Note: BrightFunded is expected to begin implementing this program from January 2024.

Can I make money from each trade?

Yes, at BightFunded your earnings are determined by the profits from your trades, but you also receive additional benefits with each trade through the Trade2Earn program.

If the trade is profitable, you will earn profits directly from the trade, plus you will also earn BightFunded Tokens through the Trade2Earn program. The number of Tokens you earn is proportional to your trading volume.

However, note that while every trade contributes to your earning potential, it’s important to make informed decisions to ensure overall account profitability and get through the process. successful assessment. The goal is not just to trade regularly but also to trade wisely.

How are BrightFunded Tokens rewarded?

The number of BrightFunded Tokens you receive per trading lot is determined by a dynamic calculation that changes quarterly.

For example:

In the recent quarter, you will receive a bonus of about 0.2 Tokens for every 1 lot traded.

Every quarter BightFunded will announce this coefficient, which you can check on your dashboard.

How can I receive this Token?

When you trade on a BightFunded account, Tokens will automatically transfer to your account once the transaction is completed. These Tokens are initially only usable within BrightFunded’s ecosystem.

However, after the launch of BrightFunded Tokens, you will also have the option to transfer the Tokens to your personal cryptocurrency wallet. You can view, manage, and transfer from your dashboard.

If there is any delay in receiving your Tokens, please contact BrightFunded customer support.

Will the value of the BrightFunded Token change?

Just like other digital assets, the value of this Token will be affected by supply and demand factors and overall market conditions.

Will I get paid profits in BrightFunded Tokens?

No, BrightFunded does not pay profits in Tokens, but in cash.

Can I trade news?

Yes, you are allowed to trade news.

Can I hold a trade overnight, week after week?

Yes, BrightFunded allows you to hold trades overnight, week after week.

You also need to be aware of the potential risks associated with holding a trade through the week, events that occur when the market closes can create a significant price gap when the market reopens.

What strategies am I allowed to use?

BrightFunded encourages a variety of strategies, as long as you follow the rules and the strategies are relevant to the real market.

This means, you can use: fundamental analysis, technical analysis, scalping, swing or long-term trading.

What products can I trade?

BrightFunded offers the following products: Crypto, Forex, Indices, Commodities.

Commission fees are as follows:

Forex = $3 /Lot
Indices = $0 ZERO
Crypto = 0.024% /Volume
Commodities = 0.0010%/Volume
Which trading platform can I use?

BrightFunded uses their own developed trading platform, which has many similarities with the Ctrader platform.

Note: BrightFunded does not use the MT4/MT5 platform.

In what ways can I pay fees to BrightFunded?

BrightFunded offers the following fee payment methods:

– Credit/Debit Card.

– iDear.

– Crypto.

Instructions for registration and payment

To register to participate in BrightFunded, click here.

Register – Get Funded

Click on “Start Challenge”

You select “Register“

Here, you fill in your full name, username, email, password, check to agree to the terms and click “Create Account”.

An email confirming successful registration will be sent to your email.

You can log in to your account using the following link:

Fill in your email, password and click “Sign In”.

Main interface of the control panel, click “Start Challenge”

You choose the account size, add the discount code and click “Checkout”.

Select your payment method and click “Checkout”.

For example: You pay by Credit/Debit card, select as shown above.

Here, you fill in your card information and click “Pay” to complete the payment process.

You will receive all information about your order via email.


Above is all information about BrightFunded fund for your reference. If you have any questions, please leave a comment below.

Note: This article will be continuously updated when BrightFunded’s policies change.

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